Jasun【Senior Teacher】


  • JasunFix
名前は? Jasun Fix
出身は? アメリカ
いつからシェーンで? 2009年1月

Why did you come to Japan?

I did my teacher training and received my English language teaching certification in Honolulu, where all of my students were from Japan. Because they were so kind, polite, motivated and respectful, I decided to move to Japan for my first teaching position. My teacher trainer recommended Shane English School in Japan, and now I've been here for the past eight years.
I am also very interested in Japanese culture, especially art, fashion, design and film. And of course I love Japanese food too!


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Learning English can be fun and rewarding! English has now become the most commonly spoken language throughout the world, and it allows you to communicate with people from many different countries, learn about their cultures and make new friends. Furthermore, English is the main language of business and science in the global marketplace。Knowing English will also allow you to access an incredible amount of information from films, TV, books and the internet.