Joseph【Senior Teacher】


  • JosephRibas
名前は? Joseph Ribas
出身は? アメリカ
いつからシェーンで? 2016年8月

Where are you from?

I'm from Port Orange, FL in the USA.


Why did you come to Japan?

I've come to Japan to teach English to motivated learners, expand my skills as an educator, and experience life in an urban setting.


Why do you like teaching?

I enjoy seeing individuals learn and progress, and teaching allows me to facilitate a direct improvement in the language abilities of others. Language instruction, in particular, allows a teacher to help students to make new friends, travel with confidence, and improve their work opportunities.


What's your personal target for your school?

My personal target for the school is to provide our community with a fun, effective, and high-quality immersive English language education. I want to foster and grow a love for English language, promote good learning habits, and help our students meet their individual goals.