Shane【Assistant Director of Studies】


  • ShaneRoe
名前は? Shane Roe
出身は? イギリス
いつからシェーンで? 2010年10月

Where are you from?

I was born in Zimbabwe and lived there until I was twelve years old, when I moved to the U.K. I lived in a city called Brighton.


Why did you come to Japan?

After graduating I came to Japan on holiday and fell in love with the country, one day walking through a town called Funabashi I saw a sign for an English school with my name, I guess it was fate.


Why do you like teaching?

I love helping people to realize their potential. I find teaching children in particular very rewarding. It's great seeing how they progress over the years, from barely being able to speak any English, to being able to make full sentences and have a conversation.