Michael【Senior Teacher】


  • MichaelHall
名前は? Michael Hall
出身は? イギリス
いつからシェーンで? 2008年4月

Why did you come to Japan?

I came to Japan for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the main reason was that after a rather stressful job in London I decided I needed a change. Japan was recommended to me by my friend's sister who was living here at the time so I trained as a teacher and joined Shane soon after.


Why do you like teaching?

Initially, I just wanted to come to Japan, so I became an English teacher. However, over the months and years I have seen my students make progress and become stronger and more confident in English. Through this experience I have discovered that teaching is a very fulfilling and rewarding job.


What’s your personal target for your school?

I want to make sure my school is a fun, positive environment for both students and staff. I firmly believe that happy teachers are good teachers, and in turn, good teachers make happy students.