Simon【Senior Teacher】


  • SimonGoodin
名前は? Simon Goodin
出身は? イギリス
いつからシェーンで? 2016年6月

Where are you from?

I'm from a small town in the South of London called Carshalton.


Why did you come to Japan?

After finishing university and deciding I didn't just want an office job, I did my teacher training in Barcelona and began searching for jobs. Shane was one of the first to offer me a position so a few months later I was on a plane to Narita.


Why do you like teaching?

Every day is different as a teacher, and even if it's the same lesson the students always vary so it's always interesting. You also get the chance to get creative with how you do a lesson, thinking of games for kids or ways to help adults understand some tricky grammar or vocabulary. The chance to see students grow and improve is nice too.


What's your personal target for your school?

To make it as fun, relaxing and educational for everyone there, whether they be students, teachers, school counsellors, parents, the postman, whoever happens to come by I want them to have the best possible experience.