Ashleigh【Senior Teacher】


  • AshleighBrown
名前は? Ashleigh Brown
出身は? イギリス
いつからシェーンで? 2015年11月

Why did you come to Japan?

I've always been fascinated by Japanese culture, history and tradition, so I wanted to learn by immersing myself in the country.


Why do you like teaching?

I love helping people understand how to communicate in another language. I have a lot of respect for the people who choose to learn English as it's very difficult!

Being a teacher, I get to meet many kinds of people, so it's a very interesting job.
Teaching is also the best way to learn more about your own language. I love learning something new every day.



What's great about being a Senior Teacher?

As a Senior Teacher I can build better relationships with the students in my school. It also means I have the opportunity to help newer teachers, and little by little, together we can create a good atmosphere for our students and teachers.


What's your personal target for your school?

I want to make our school more interactive. I don't want the learning to stop outside of the classroom. I want to find fun ways to encourage students to use English in their free-time and hopefully, start displaying their work on a regular basis.


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