• Darshana
名前は? Darshana
出身は? インド
いつからシェーンで? 2018年11月

Where are you from?

I'm from Mumbai, India.


Why did you come to Japan?

I wanted to bring myself on a adventure to a land I know nothing about. Japan seemed interesting with its unique culture and traditions, and of course the classic fashion which is very different from India.


Why did you decide to become an English teacher?

My love for teaching, the desire to travel and my mother (who is also my teacher) are the reasons I wanted to become an English teacher.


What do you enjoy about being a teacher?

The most fun part about being an English teacher is kids! They are adorable and very curious. Teaching English has also given me an opportunity to connect with many different people. It has helped me help others who want to achieve something they've always wanted.